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Technician Tips

The following service videos highlight some of the best practices for the care of your vehicle to prolong its road life, ensure passenger safety, and experience the smoothest ride. Driving in Boston, Framingham, or Natick, you are exposed to the elements and it is even more crucial to have a properly serviced vehicle. Check out our tech tips and informational videos on all aspects of servicing your car, and learn what you can do at home and what we can do in our service center so you have the best possible car ownership experience!

Wiper Blades

The following video is a tech tip about when to replace your wiper blades. Wipers are a commonly neglected component and since driving decisions are based on clear visibility, it is important to make sure they are replaced when cracked, worn, or in need of replacement.

Tire Pressure

Learn how to check tire pressure perfectly and make the necessary changes if you are over or under inflated. This tech tip will help you ensure that you're getting the best gas mileage, the smoothest ride, and maximum tire life.


Keep brake lights, turn signals, head and tail-lights clean, free of dirt and debris, and in proper working order to keep you safe on the road day or night with this tech tip!

Fuel Cap

The video highlights the importance of a properly secured fuel cap to reduce possibility of a check engine light signal and having to bring your vehicle in to be checked.

Fluids and Filters

Antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission and power steering fluid are just a few of the fluids you need to be aware of to prolong the life of your car. This video tells you the importance of being on a regular maintenance schedule if you are not in the habit of checking fluids.

Check Oil Level

This video gives you the tips you need to check your oil level like a professional. Where, how, and what to look for…check out this video to be sure you are maintaining the oil level for best engine running order.


Never take your brakes for granted! When having your vehicle serviced, you can expect to have your brake system inspected. This video lets you know everything that is checked during routine service to keep you safe on the road.

Belts and Hoses

Belts and hoses effect your engines performance, and worn, cracked or broken sections can cause engine damage, overheating, and or your engine to stop. This video highlights the importance of having belts and hoses inspected.

Air Filter

Don't put off replacement of air filter. See how having clean air is important to your vehicle's engine, and why you should have a properly functioning air filter in your car at all times.

AC System

Musty smell in your vehicle? Don't let bacteria, and mold spore fumes harm you, watch how a nontoxic cleaner can refresh and improve the efficiency of your cooling system.

Window Tinting

See how something that looks good is also good for you and your vehicle! Better fuel economy, less sun damage, and longer interior life are just a few of the benefits highlighted in this video.

Transmission Flush

Learn about the importance of a transmission flush, to remove harmful deposits and old fluid so you can experience a smoother ride and extend the life of your vehicle!


Nothing is as important to your safety as having a good grip on the road! Have your technician check your tires, and if you need new ones we stock multiple makes and models!

Parts and Accessories

Visit our parts and accessories department to personalize your vehicle even when you are not in need of a replacement part. Check out our selection of great floor mats, splashguards, and other equipment!

Fuel System Tuneup

Maximize fuel ecomony and restore power with a fuel system tuneup. Dirty combustion chambers, intake valves and injectors can decrease fuel economy by 20% and cause hard starts and rough idling! Clean your engine from the inside out!

Engine Flush

This service will clean harmful deposits from your engine. Watch the video to see how this two stage service helps increase gas mileage, ensure a total oil change, and protect with anti-wear additives.

Engine Cooling Flush

Cooling system breakdowns are the #1 cause of mechanical failures on our nations highways! Our complete fluid exchange process and addition of radiator sealant is the most up to date and effective method to prevent this!

Collision Center

Our certified collision center is available for all makes and models! Refinishing paint? Repairing damage from an accident? We accept all types of insurance and no job is too big or small!


Brakes that are worn or in need of repair can compromise your safety. We offer a free brake inspection to our service customers, so take advantage of it and may be the most important thing you do today!

AC Moisture

Moisture buildup in your AC system can produce foul odors that are blown into the passenger area. Have your AC deodorized today and your passengers will thank you for it!